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VR Kids is dedicated to bringing our therapeutic virtual reality to hospital bound and mobility impaired kids.

We've had a huge impact working with children in hospitals.

Now the hospitals want VR Kids to work with pediatric patients in the burn unit, the ER, and continue our work in the pediatric department!

Pediatric hospitals are helping underserved families and have extremely limited budgets and resources.

This means:

  • They're unable to afford large expenses such as VR equipment.
  • They have no budget or expertise to design and develop the custom VR software required.
  • They don’t have the staff to run VR sessions and manage the equipment.

Through our fundraising, volunteer staff, and expertise in providing virtual reality services to kids in hospitals, we are in a unique position to assist the hospitals in filling that void!

Please visit our GoFundMe to learn more. All donations will go towards purchasing additional equipment and supplies, cover additional operating expenses, and best of all, enable our volunteers to bring virtual reality to children!

Remember, our staff is made up of 100% volunteers, so all donations go directly to our cause!

VR Kids 2017 GoFundMe Campaign

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We Bring Virtual Reality to Your Child

VR Kids is a nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dedicated to providing our custom developed therapeutic virtual reality (VR) experiences to mobility impaired and hospital bound children, teens, and young adults.

Whether at home or in a hospital, we bring virtual reality to kids at absolutely no cost. We believe therapeutic VR should be accessible to enhance the lives of children who could benefit the most. Our customizable experiences are built to be relaxing, friendly, fun, and are optimized for those who spend most of their time in a bed or chair.

Our unique therapeutic VR takes focus off discomfort and anxiety that accompanies extended hospital or home stays, medical treatments, and procedures. Through our custom made immersive storybooks, viewers can travel to exciting places, meeting funny characters along the way, exploring a new world around them; all the while being mentally and emotionally transported to a fun, positive and relaxing space to play.

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Girl in hospital using therapeutic virtual reality.

What is theraputic VR?

Our therapeutic virtual reality is not only immersive and entertaining but also provides relief from pain and anxiety. The experience is complemented by the exciting immersive effects of the Oculus Rift.

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Kids in hosptials playing with VR headsets

Help us help kids

VR Kids is a non-profit organization that relies completely on private individual and corporate donations. With your generous contribution we will be able to expand our programs to reach more kids.

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